Ball lift relief tool
High accuracy electronic tool to test and trig the electromagnetic actuator of Bosch CRI and CRIN injectors and automatically relief the ball lift for the 3rd stage repair.
New bracket
New version of the b racket 9562-S. This revised design is suitable for the PFM1P100 pumps and the 0 141 401 106 as well.
Universal bracket
Pair of universal flat bracket to install both P and H pumps, simply by placing or removing the thickness of adaptation
Comparator support
Holder for millesimal gauge with 70 mm diameter round top. Made in hardened, ground and lapped steel.
Transfer pressure Kit
Kit to determine if the ZME valve can be retained, instead of installing a new one, on CP4 pumps.
Disassembly key
15 mm octagonal nozzle retaining nut wrench, 27mm hexagonal drive