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the most complete Independent source on Service Tools for the Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment.

Special tools are a necessary workmate for maintenance and repair of diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors.

The use of special tools for maintenance and repairs saves efforts and time, reduces risk of work accidents and allows for professional execution of individual repair operations.

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 The Special Service Tools, SST


In repairing and calibrating the common rail and conventional diesel fuel injection systems as well, specialty service tools are fundamental items for a well done service.

Custting the cost of diesel repair 

Diesel tools allow to correctly operate and reduce or eliminate the possibility of damage occurring during a repair.

Marbed is trusted brand 

Worldwide, MARBED is a well know brand. A brand that is highly regarded as a valued and reliable Partner, in the diesel injection aftermarket industry.

OEM alternative 

MARBED tools are an high-quality alternative to OEM's recommended handy tools.

High quality tools 

MARBED is leader in professional equipment for diesel fuel injection services, with a more than 50 year experience in the field.

Why Marbed tools?

There are a few different options when it comes to repairing the diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors.

One option is to use Marbed tools, which are considered to be 1st class diesel specialty tools. Marbed tools are designed specifically for repairing and maintaining high-pressure fuel systems, and they're known for their precision and durability.

Another option is to use generic or off-the-shelf tools. While these tools may be less expensive, they're not always as precise or durable as Marbed tools.

And finally, some people choose to simply exchange the entire injection pump or injector rather than attempt any repairs.

In any case there is always the perfect Marbed tool, handling with diesel fuel injection components.