Complete test injector
ISO test injector (ISO 7440) type III - opening press. 207 BAR - orifice plate.ø0.5 mm ( Similar to BH 1 688 901 016)
ISO Test injector
Complete test injector similar to (BH 1 688 901 025) type II - opening pressure 172 BAR - orifice plate ø 0,5 mm
Injector tester adapter
New injector tester adapter Mercedes Actros diam.26 (patented pipe)
MW BOSCH Tool box
Tool box for MW BOSCH (type Mercedes) consisting of 18 pieces
Pair of wrenches
Two wrenches to adjusting the tappet nuts size B
Tappet lifter
Eccentric tappet lifter with casing guide threaded body
Standard tappet-press with head for nylon roller PE…B and P BOSCH pumps
Tool to measure the end float on diam.17 camshaft (rif.KDEP 2890)
Wrench for Simms Micromec
Knurled wrench for Simms-Micromec pressure unions with 1/2" square
1/2" drive female-female adapter. Similar to Bosch 0 986 611 275, KDEP 2921.
Similar to Bosch reference 0 986 611 275, KDEP 2921
12 faces socket
Socket for removing the solenoid on V.W. Audi A6 unit pump - 12 faces
12-side socket wrench
27 mm 12-side socket wrench 1/2" drive for the solenoid retaining nut.
Similaro to Bosch 0 986 613 185.