Clamp stand with short shaft (380 mm long)
Similar to Bosch genuine ref. 0 986 611 249, KDEP 2919/1
Centering flange for Denso ECD-V4 pumps.
The flange 9478-V4 warrants the centered clamping of the Denso ECD-V4 diesel fuel injection pumps, on any test bench.
The flange requires 9680-A universal cradle or similar.
Support for Bosch pumps PFM1A90S... (0 414 396 ...)
New conception of marine injector tester
Hand operated pump to test the diesel fuel injectors, nozzle sizes: T, U, V, W and P, R, S, T as well.
The standard version is provided with manometer 0-600 BAR. Complying to the ISO 8984 standard. The tester can be completed with suction smoke device (optional).
Eligible to apply on the same range of 0 681 143 014 (EFEP 67 D) and more.
anti-backlash coupling
ISO 4008/1 anti-backlash coupling diam.115 - m12 holes
Adattatore per la prova degli iniettori pompa PDE100 SCANIA, IVECO CURSOR 430 e VOLVO 420. Filetto: 31x1 mm
Adapter to test nozzles on pop tester - application SCANIA, IVECO CURSOR 430 and VOLVO 420 type
Adattatore per la prova degli iniettori pompa Bosch PDE90 IVECO CURSOR 350 e VOLVO. Filetto:28x1mm
Adapter to test nozzles on pop tester - application IVECO Cursor 350 type and VOLVO
Splined socket wrench for the low-pressure connections. Hole diam 10 mm ( BH 0 986 611 489)
Gear diam.20 for 9659
DPA ribbed gear
ISO injectors holder
Holder for test bench, allowing to install 6+6 test injectors with 6 reinforced quick connections pipes for hight pressure application and male/female fittings - 20x1,5mm.