Chiave ghiera bobina XPI
Ring nut wrench to remove the coil of Cummins common rail injectors installed on Scania XPI
Chiave ghiera attuatore XPI
Ring nut wrench to remove the nut with the teeth of Cummins common rail injectors installed on Scania XPI
Modular cambox, Zexel PFR..K , Zexel PFR.. KD, Zexel PFR..MD configuration.
Modular system for testing the camshaftless pumps manufactured by Zexel, with sizes:
- PFR1K.., PFR2K.., PFR3K.. PFR4K..
The cambox can be applied on any test bench for the diesel fuel injection pumps.
This configuration is supplied in one wooden box.
9630 Cassetta per smont./mont. pompe BH PES... M e PES... RSF... MERCEDES… (copia)
Tool box for disassembly and eassembly of PES…M BOSCH pumps and PES…RSF…Mercedes.
The set is supplied without the reamer 9333 because discontinued.
Clamp stand with short shaft (380 mm long)
Similar to Bosch genuine ref. 0 986 611 249, KDEP 2919/1
Piastra calibrata per il montaggio delle pompe Zexel PFR..4K, su camme 9562-M1. (copia)
Calibrated plate for mounting the Zexel PFR..4K pumps, on 9562-M1 cambox. Double side application.
Centering flange for Denso ECD-V4 pumps.
The flange 9478-V4 warrants the centered clamping of the Denso ECD-V4 diesel fuel injection pumps, on any test bench.
The flange requires 9680-A universal cradle or similar.
Support for Bosch pumps PFM1A90S... (0 414 396 ...)
Electronic unit for cr injectors.
Electronic control unit to be used in conjuction with a pop tester to generate the electric pulse and check the electromagnetic actuator of common rail injectors (Bosch, Delphi, Denso)
New conception of marine injector tester
Hand operated pump to test the diesel fuel injectors, nozzle sizes: T, U, V, W and P, R, S, T as well.
The standard version is provided with manometer 0-600 BAR. Complying to the ISO 8984 standard. The tester can be completed with suction smoke device (optional).
Eligible to apply on the same range of 0 681 143 014 (EFEP 67 D) and more.
Disassembly key
Disassembly key 14 mm octagonal nozzle retaining nut wrench, 27mm hexagonal drive
Plastic reservoir with cover, for the manual operated injector tester 9375
9873 con fori di fissaggio M12
ISO 4008/1 anti-backlash coupling diam.115 - m12 holes