Universal cradle to host the pump mounting flanges
Technical specifications:
- centering height: 110 mm
- guide 20 mm
Hand operated pump for testing diesel injectors
Hand pump for calibrating and checking the operations of
the diesel injectors
- precise adjustment of the injection pressure (adjust the
opening pressure of the injection nozzle)
- control of the spray atomization (pattern and vibration
- control tightness (leaks)
- equipped with bypass valve for the manometer.
Dial: 0 - 600 bars gliceroil
Tank fitted with a filter
Supplied with 2 connection pipes: 14-14 and 14-12 mm
Manometer unit
Auxiliary manometer unit to test rotary pumps on test bench
Hexagonal socket
37 mm hexagonal socket for removing the solenoid on V.W. Audi A6
Disassembly key
17 mm octagonal nozzle retaining nut wrench, 27mm hexagonal drive
12 faces socket
Socket for removing the solenoid on V.W. Audi A6 unit pump - 12 faces
Guided socket wrench for VDO cr injectors
Guided socket wrench for dismounting the internal ring-nut of the CR Siemens injector on Ford and Peugeot.