Guided socket wrench for VDO cr injectors
Guided socket wrench for dismounting the internal ring-nut of the CR Siemens injector on Ford and Peugeot.
27 mm hexagon socket
27 mm hexagon socket wrench 1/2" drive for the solenoid retaining nut of Industrial Denso and Siemens Injectors
Needle picker for Bosch piezo injectors
Spindle to trim piezo nozzle
High precision tweezers
Anti-magnetic, stainless steel, high precision tweezers reccomended for the positioning of spare parts on common rail injectors
Motoring reamer consisting of three milling cutters: plane milling cutter for nozzle holders seats Mercedes; coned milling cutter for nozzle holders Fiat Daily Ducato and plane milling cutter with large guide for Ford Transit nozzle holders seats.
Sliding hammer puller for copper washers
Copper washers box
Assortment of 450 copper washers for the correct positionning the common-rail nozzle holders into the combustion chamber