Guided socket wrench for VDO cr injectors
Guided socket wrench for dismounting the internal ring-nut of the CR Siemens injector on Ford and Peugeot.
Guided socket wrench
Guided socket wrench for the valve retaining screw on Denso cr injectors.
27 mm hexagon socket
27 mm hexagon socket wrench 1/2" drive for the solenoid retaining nut of Industrial Denso and Siemens Injectors
Attrezzo professionale a lettura per l'apertura/chiusura del dado ritenzione polverizzatore
Special tool for the disassembly and the aligned mounting of the nozzle and for preserving the pins from breaking during the rotation of the nozzle nut.
The tool is equipped with analogic gauge for the reference of the force applied on the injector body.
Similar to 0 986 610 130
Professional tool to safely open/close the nozzle nut on common rail and two spring injectors - Digital gauge
Dial gauge full scale: 2000 Kg
Maximum load on injector body: 500 Kg.
Injector tester adapter
New injector tester adapter diam.26 for Iveco Tector (petented pipe)
Micron measuring station
Micron measuring station with digital reading. 0-25 mm range.
Ball lift relief tool
High accuracy electronic tool to test and trig the electromagnetic actuator of Bosch CRI and CRIN injectors and automatically relief the ball lift for the 3rd stage repair.
Comparator support
Holder for millesimal gauge with 70 mm diameter round top. Made in hardened, ground and lapped steel.