Injector tester adapter
New injector tester adapter diam.26 for Tector (petended pipe)
Micron measuring station
Micron measuring station with digital reading. 0-25 mm range.
Ball lift relief tool
High accuracy electronic tool to test and trig the electromagnetic actuator of Bosch CRI and CRIN injectors and automatically relief the ball lift for the 3rd stage repair.
Comparator support
Holder for millesimal gauge with 70 mm diameter round top. Made in hardened, ground and lapped steel.
9700-CR Cassetta lappatura iniettori common rail
Toolset for the manual grinding and lapping of the ball seat on Bosch CRI and CRIN valves.
Compact pneumatic press for CRI and CRIN ball valves
Tool to recover the tightness of the ball valve of CRI and CRIN common rail injectors.
It is not a grinding operation to remove hardened metal from the conical seat: the principal is to keep the treatment of the conical surface and compact its molecoles by a strong shot on a geometrically accurate sphere made of hard metal.
A set of 10 pcs of these balls is provided with the machine.
Each ball can be used for 100 shots and have not to be confused with the balls normally used as spare part.
Motoring reamer consisting of three milling cutters: plane milling cutter for nozzle holders seats Mercedes; coned milling cutter for nozzle holders Fiat Daily Ducato and plane milling cutter with large guide for Ford Transit nozzle holders seats.
600 grit paste for polishing and lapping diesel nozzles
Polishing and emery paste - grain 600