Kit controllo depressione con manovuotometro.
This device allows to monitor the pump body pressure (5 BAR).
It is also equipped with ball valve, to measure the negative pressure generated by the pump.
Caution: Not all test benches are able to supply the amount of flow required by the comon rail pumps. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor that, during the test, the pump does not go into cavitation.
By-pass kit
Return by-pass set on CP2 / HP0 pumps
Test kit
transfer pressure test kit with 16 BAR pressure gauge (pressure gauge not included)
Mounting bracket
Pair of mounting bracket for the easy disassemble and reassemble of HP0 pumps. The bracket has to be installed on the swivel vice 9260.
Mounting/driving set for CP3.4 (MAN), CP2 and HP0 pumps
Ready for external lubrication by oil.
Conical coupling
25 mm conical coupling to drive diesel pumps on any test bench. Length 58, teeth 12 mm
The coupling is equipped with internal nut for locking and pulling out the shaft.