Tools box
Tool box for disassembly and eassembly of PES…M BOSCH pumps and PES…RSF…Mercedes.
The set is supplied without the reamer 9333 because discontinued.
CAV-DPC Tool box
Tool box for assembly, disassembly and timing of CAV DPC pumps (16 particulars). Wrench 9678 is not included because discontinued.
Support for Bosch pumps PFM1A90S... (0 414 396 ...)
Splined socket wrench
Splined socket wrench for the low-pressure connections. Hole diam 10 mm ( BH 0 986 611 489)
Splined socket wrench
Splined socket wrench for the low-pressure connections. Hole diam 12 mm ( BH 0 986 612 991 )
Modular cambox, Zexel PFR..K configuration.
Modular system for testing the PFR1K.., PFR2K.., PFR3K.. and PFR4K.. size camshaftless pumps manufactured by Zexel.
The cambox can be applied on any test bench for the diesel fuel injection pumps.
This configuration is supplied in one wooden box.
Interface for 9664-N
Interface (adapter with rod) for 9664-N on Delphi DPS pumps
Toolbox for repairing CP1/CP3 common rail pumps
Toolset for CP3 pumps. The following tools are included:
8133 - Clamping tool set for the pumping elements
8171 - Set of 6 sealing ring inserters
8172 - Puller for the shaft sealing ring (25mm)
8173 - Set of 7 O-ring inserters
Inserter bracket and oil seal for CP1 and CP3 pumps
Fixing tool
Interface to be assembled on the flange 8130 and 9478-CR for fixing Delphi cr pumps as R9042A040A or R9042A014A and similars.
Assembling and disassembling wrench
Wrench to fix/remove the flange, shaft and pulley on the following pumps ZEXEL VP. The timing pin is included.
Fixing flange
Flange for fixing ZEXEL VP pumps on test benches. It requires the universal bracket 9680-A)
Pulley extractor
Tool for the expulsion of the pump sprocket on BMW 520 TDS, 320D.
Similar to 0 986 613 170
Transfer pressure kit
8225-CP3 helps to determine if the ZME valve can be retained, instead of installing a new one, on CP3 and CP1-H pumps.
Similar to 0 986 613 270