Flexible pipe
Flexible High pressure line L=600 mm. - M12x1,5 - M16x1,5
Transfer pressure Kit
Kit to determine if the ZME valve can be retained, instead of installing a new one, on CP4 pumps.
Kit controllo depressione con manovuotometro.
This device allows to monitor the pump body pressure (5 BAR).
It is also equipped with ball valve, to measure the negative pressure generated by the pump.
Caution: Not all test benches are able to supply the amount of flow required by the comon rail pumps. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor that, during the test, the pump does not go into cavitation.
Universal centring flange for common rail pumps, with 4 rings.
The flange 8155-E warrants the centered clamping of the majority of cr pumps (Bosch CP1, CP3, CP4, Delphi, Denso, VDO), on any test bench.
The flange is equipped with 4 rings of reduction to suite the 50, 60, 68, 80 mm hub diameters, as well as CP1K pumps.
The flange requires 9680-A universal cradle or similar.
Swivel vice for Common-rail pumps
Bushings puller
Extractor for bushings on Bosch CP4 pumps
Bracket for assembly / disassembly of common rail pumps, on the workbench.
Bracket for assembly / disassembly of common rail pumps, on the workbench.

The circular support must be installed on revolving bases (ref. 8132 or 9260).
The system consists of a circular ring support, on which the (removable) bracket with adjustable projection is mounted, which allows to press the tappets. The circular holder holds an interchangeable round flange, which can rotate 360 degrees and can be locked in any position.
The internal flange allows to fix CP1, CP3, CP4, HP1, HP3, HP4, Delphi and VDO pumps.
Similar to 0 986 612 794

As an additional option, the following optional flanges are also available:
- 8131, for CP3.4 pumps
- 9402, for mechanical pumps A, M, VE, DPC
Key for CP4 pump. Similar to Bh 0 986 613 543
Conical coupling
20 mm conical coupling to drive diesel pumps on any test bench, lenght 58, teeth mm 12.
The coupling is equipped with internal nut for locking and pulling out the shaft (BH 1 686 430 024)