Kit controllo depressione con manovuotometro.
This device allows to monitor the pump body pressure (5 BAR).
It is also equipped with ball valve, to measure the negative pressure generated by the pump.
Caution: Not all test benches are able to supply the amount of flow required by the comon rail pumps. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor that, during the test, the pump does not go into cavitation.
Mounting/driving set for CP3.4 (MAN), CP2 and HP0 pumps
Ready for external lubrication by oil.
Aluminium fork for BOSCH A pumps
Tappet clamp for removal and fitting the roller tappets
Similar to Bosch genuine ref. 0 986 611 298, KDEP 2941
Assembly device to be used in conjunction with the hand lever of the 9810 tool for pressing in the roller tappets.
Similar to 0 986 612 072 - KDEP 1556
Tappet lifter
Mounting device for fitting and removal of the roller tappets.
Similar to BH 0 986 611 993 - KDEP 1505