Solution to mount and drive Caterpillar 3406 pumps on hartridge AVM-PC test benches.

1 Cradle
1 Flange for lubrication system
1 Coupling
1 Lubrication inlet
1 Forward bracket
1 Lateral bracket
1 Back bracket
Wrench for Simms Micromec
Knurled wrench for Simms-Micromec pressure unions with 1/2" square
Key for ring nut
Wrench for lock pumping ring Caterpillar 955K etc.
Spline socket
Slotted socket wrench for delivery valve holders, on Simms Minimec pump. Similar to TS9
Store-box for rotative pumps component parts while disassembling nozzle holders and pumps
It creates 25 (3x8 cyl. + 1) compartments of various sizes to house the components of the pumps in line during assembly and disassembly operations.
Thanks to the perforated bottom, the fuel residues inside the pump are collected in the lower tray which can be easily released.

Overall dimensions: approx. 40x50x20 cm