Universal bracket
Pair of universal flat bracket to install both P and H pumps, simply by placing or removing the thickness of adaptation
Bush exctractor from the governor box. Similar to Bosch 0 986 619 250 (0 986 619 251) - KDAW 9995/14 (KDAW 9995/14 /1)
Gauge for delivery start
Capillary tube for the relief of the delivery start.
Thread M14x1.5 with reduction M12x1.5.
Reinforced tappet lifter, on P type in-line pumps.
Tappet lifter strengthened runner suitable for a better lift of the tappet. P pumps on Scania 141,142 etc.
Extractor complete with sleeve and mandrel
Extractor for disassembling the tappet covers on P pumps (ref. KDEP 1056 - 0 986 611 668)
Tappet lifter
Eccentric tappet lifter
Similar to Bosch reference 0 986 611 226, KDEP 2910.
Bearing for fuel inlet adapter
Bearing for fuel inlet-EHAB adapter ( BH 0 986 612 653 )
Standard tappet-press with head for nylon roller PE…B and P BOSCH pumps
Tool for survery delivery start
Capillary tube for the relief of the fuel delivery start.
Thread M18x1.5.
Comparator supports box
Box complete with universal comparator support to take dimension of rod stroke on pumps on line BOSCH P,P7100,8500,A,B,BV,BOSCH MW,M,RSF ando so on
Disassembly wrench
Disassembly wrench for two teeth
membrane and screwdriver ( KDEP 1542 - BH 0 986 612 049 )
Tool for stroke stop
PES…RSF stroke stop (Mercedes 190d-250d)
Tappet lifter
Eccentric tappet lifter with casing guide threaded body
Bosch P pumps bracket
Nuovo kit staffa e morsa per pompa P BOSCH. Composto da:9260 / 9452-A / 9267-U
Positioning bracket
Positioning bracket for P pumps on MERCEDES trucks etc.