Tools box
Tool box for disassembly and eassembly of PES…M BOSCH pumps and PES…RSF…Mercedes.
The set is supplied without the reamer 9333 because discontinued.
Gauge for delivery start
Capillary tube for the relief of the delivery start.
Thread M14x1.5 with reduction M12x1.5.
Extractor for brass bushes on MW pumps
Tappet lifter
Plate for PES..M 6 cyl. Complete with 6 tappet lifters. ( KDEP KDEP 1563/3)
Tappet lifter
Eccentric tappet lifter for PE (S) .. MW..S1000 pumps. Cam lift 10 mm (BH 0 986 611 733, KDEP 1068)
Tappet lifter
Tappet holder to fix and holding tappets on inline injection pumps size MW, RW. Cam lift 8 mm.
Similar to 0 986 611 653, KDEP 1051.
Delivery adjustment wrench
Open toothed wrench for pressure unions, for delivery adjustment
Tool for survery delivery start
Capillary tube for the relief of the fuel delivery start.
Thread M18x1.5.
Toothed wrench
Toothed wrench PES.. RSF.. M
Dial gauge bearing
Dial gauge bearing tool box to survey the delivery start on rotary and line BOSCH pumps
MW BOSCH Tool box
Tool box for MW BOSCH (type Mercedes) consisting of 18 pieces
MW tools box
Complete tools box for MW Bosch pumps consisting of 26 pieces.
Tappet lifter
Tappet lifter for PES M RSF 4 and 5 cyl.
Store-box for rotative pumps component parts while disassembling nozzle holders and pumps
It creates 25 (3x8 cyl. + 1) compartments of various sizes to house the components of the pumps in line during assembly and disassembly operations.
Thanks to the perforated bottom, the fuel residues inside the pump are collected in the lower tray which can be easily released.

Overall dimensions: approx. 40x50x20 cm
Survey of delivery start device
Device for the survey of delivery start of MW threaded pump, mounted on e.g. FIAT. Thread 18 x 1,5mm
Reducer for 9502 thread 26x1,5 outside MW BOSCH pumps
Universal comparator support with rocker arm and return spring
Universal bracket with rocker arm and return spring, for holding the comparator during the measuring of the rack travel on inline pumps.