Decimal comparator without spring
Decimal comparator 30 mm stroke for rack travel measurement, without spring
Clamp with two rods (spare part)
Comparator supports box
Box complete with universal comparator support to take dimension of rod stroke on pumps on line BOSCH P,P7100,8500,A,B,BV,BOSCH MW,M,RSF ando so on
Comparator bearing
Comparator bearing to survey the rod share with connections for BOSCH P, P7100,8500,MW BOSCH pumps
Universal comparator support with rocker arm and return spring
Universal bracket with rocker arm and return spring, for holding the comparator during the measuring of the rack travel on inline pumps.
Comparator support
Comparatore bearing to survey the rod share BOSCH M,RFS pumps 4 and 5 cylinder
Dial gauge bracket
Dial gauge bracket for rod stroke. Thread 24x1,5 protusion 18 mm for PE…P pumps