Reduction (adapter with rod) for 9664-N on Bosch VE pumps
Aluminum base for swivel vice; it allows to hold:
- round bracket for common-rail pumps (8130 and 8131)
- flange bracket (the conjunction is 9356-A)
- DPS pumps operative flange (9669)
Clamp with two rods (spare part)
Comparator supports box
Box complete with universal comparator support to take dimension of rod stroke on pumps on line BOSCH P,P7100,8500,A,B,BV,BOSCH MW,M,RSF ando so on
Bracket for assembly / disassembly of common rail pumps, on the workbench.
Bracket for assembly / disassembly of common rail pumps, on the workbench.

The circular support must be installed on revolving bases (ref. 8132 or 9260).
The system consists of a circular ring support, on which the (removable) bracket with adjustable projection is mounted, which allows to press the tappets. The circular holder holds an interchangeable round flange, which can rotate 360 degrees and can be locked in any position.
The internal flange allows to fix CP1, CP3, CP4, HP1, HP3, HP4, Delphi and VDO pumps.
Similar to 0 986 612 794

As an additional option, the following optional flanges are also available:
- 8131, for CP3.4 pumps
- 9402, for mechanical pumps A, M, VE, DPC
Spare tube for 9664-N
Transparent body, spare part
of 9664-N
Universal measurement device for the advance piston travel on several rotary diesel pumps
Special interfaces are available as optional, for the following: Bosch VE, Delphi DPC, DPS, DP200, Denso VE.
Comparator bearing
Comparator bearing to survey the rod share with connections for BOSCH P, P7100,8500,MW BOSCH pumps