Hexagonal socket
37 mm hexagonal socket for removing the solenoid on V.W. Audi A6
12 faces socket
Socket for removing the solenoid on V.W. Audi A6 unit pump - 12 faces
Disassembly key
20 mm octagonal nozzle retaining nut wrench, 27mm hexagonal drive
Attrezzo professionale a lettura per l'apertura/chiusura del dado ritenzione polverizzatore
Special tool for the disassembly and the aligned mounting of the nozzle and for preserving the pins from breaking during the rotation of the nozzle nut.
The tool is equipped with analogic gauge for the reference of the force applied on the injector body.
Similar to 0 986 610 130
Toothed nut adapter on unit pump VW/AUDI
Set of 3 adapters to test the nozzle of Bosch EUI (Volkswagen / Audi)
Similar to Bosch genuine 1 683 355 057 + 1 683 355 056 + 1 681 398 033