Nipple forming tool. Complete configuration.
Press for the cold forming of cones on high pressure steel pipes applied on:
- standard diesel fuel injection systems (for outside diameters mm 6 and 8) hardness of 37.4
- common rail diesel injection systems (for 6 mm in outer diameter) hardness of 44.3
The execution of the cones is in compliance with ISO standards.
Operational capacity 20 tons.

The machine is supplied with the complete set equipment for positioning, clamping, molding and extraction, and is equipped with 400BAR pressure gauge in oil bath to control the operating pressures.

The press is in the manual version.
As an additional option is also available with hydraulic unit with its control distributor, clamping, molding and extraction, and electric motor 1,1Kw – 220Volt – 60HZ three-phase .

Weight: 35kg approx
Dimensions: cm 40x30x56h
Pipe wrench 17-19 mm
Polygonal wrench 17-19 mm with slot for diesel injection pipe nuts.