Bracked couple
New strengthened bracked couple for PE(S)…P..P and P7800
Fixing tool
Interface to be assembled on the flange 8130 and 9478-CR for fixing Delphi cr pumps as R9042A040A or R9042A014A and similars.
Mounting bracket
Pair of mounting bracket for the easy disassemble and reassemble of HP0 pumps. The bracket has to be installed on the swivel vice 9260.
Prolonged shaft with guide, (810 mm long)
Similar to Bosch genuine ref. 0 986 611 258, KDEP 2919/1/13
Swivel vice for Common-rail pumps
Shaft with guide, 590 mm long.
Similar to Bosch genuine 0 986 611 252 (KDEP 2919/1/3) - 380 mm
Base for swivel vice for assembling and disassembling diesel pumps
Reinforced swivel base, for mounting / dismounting the injection pumps at the workbench.
Similar to Bosch 0 986 611 249 - KDEP 2919/1.