Modular system for testing camshaftless pumps. (2 wooden boxes)

Part Number (SKU): 9562-KW

EAN: 8053670083899
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It applies on any test bench for diesel fuel injection pumps.
Combining the Cambox with additional plates and spacers, a complete system is obtained for testing up to 11 types of immersed pumps manufactured by Bosch, Denso and Zexel.
This configuration is supplied in two wooden boxes and includes the following components:

- universal cambox (9562-M1) and spacers (9562-M4, 9562-M5)
- 4 cyl. camshaft 7 mm (9564-A) and 6 mm (9564-B)
- plate for Bosch PFR..1K pumps (9562-A)
- plate for Bosch PFR..1K pumps (9562-B)
- plate for Bosch PFR..2K pumps (9562-C)
- plate for Bosch PFR..3K pumps (9562-D)
- plate for Bosch PFR..4K pumps (9562-E)
- plate for Q-size pumps (9563)
- plate for Stanadyne pumps (9562-M3)
- plate for Zexel PFR..2K pumps (9891)
- plate for Zexel PFR..3K pumps (9892)
- plate for Zexel PFR..4K pumps (9893)
- plate for Nippondenso mini pump 2-3-4 cyl. (9562-M2)
- rod (9562-F, 9562-L, 9562-H) and fuel controller connectors (9562-G, 9562-LB, 9562-I, 9562-R)
- Cambox mounting flange (9478-BXS)
- drive coupling (9576)

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