Bracket for assembling/disassembling flanged diesel pumps.

Part Number (SKU): 9402-A

EAN: 8053670087590
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The circular support must be installed on the swivel vice 9260, as well as on a standard bench vice (by means of the 9600 block).
The renewed ring bracket holds an interchangeable circular plate, where the pump is mounted. The pump rotation is 360 degrees along the shaft axis and can be locked in any position, by the handle.
The internal flange allows to mount PES..A, VA/VE, CAV, and PES..M pumps. As an additional option, the following flanges can also be ordered:
- 8130-V for common rail pumps
- 8131, for CP3.4 pumps
This new design cancel and replaces 9402 definitely

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