20-ton hand-operated press for cold forming the steel pipes ends, in both common-rail and conventional injection

Part Number (SKU): 9376-D

EAN: 9376-D

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The 9376-D Press is engineered for use with our specific forming kits (to be bought separately), allowing you to work with different types and sizes of pipes. Whether you're dealing with traditional injection pipes or common rail injection pipes, there's a compatible forming kit available.

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9376-D is part of the bundle 9376-DK1, which represents the complete configuration of the same machine.

If you're a diesel mechanic, then you know that having the right nipple forming tool is essential.

A leaking connection can be very frustrating and expensive to fix. But now, with our nipple forming tool, you can build your own pipeline exactly how you want it!

We offer a standard 60° die for both the 6 and 8 mm diameter, as well as a special common-rail die for the 6 mm diameter.

So don't go another day without the perfect nipple forming tool - get yourself a nipple die today!