Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

As an independent player of the Diesel Injection Aftermarket

Marbed welcomes

The Bosch Diesel Repair Network

 Ensure a cost-effective and reliable high quality repair. 

With the ability to offer Special Service Tools across all diesel systems conventional and modern, the Marbed Tools is the most well-known and valued alternative to the Bosch genuine tools for the Bosch Diesel Repair Network.

A new range of products, designed to repair your diesel pumps and injectors

Diesel pumps and injectors can be tricky to work on, but Marbed specialty tools are designed to make the job much easier. We have everything to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

So don't struggle with outdated or inadequate tools - get the diesel specialty tools from us and get the job done right.

Professional quality tools for the professionals 

Designed with the professional in mind, Marbed tools are tough, reliable, and perfect for any application.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just starting out in the world of diesel tuning, we’ve the perfect tools for you.

Save time and be more productive by repairing the diesel injectors and pumps faster

Looking to get your diesel engine back up and running as quickly as possible? Then you need our specialty diesel tools!

Our unique and innovative tools will have you repairing the injectors and pumps in no time, saving you both time and money. So don't wait any longer, order your diesel specialty tools today!

Get a job well done in better conditions, for a competitive price

Marbed Tools are the perfect way to get tough jobs done quickly and easily. Our tools are designed for use in all conditions, and priced to be competitive with other brands. With our quality products, you'll be able to work faster and more efficiently. So why wait? Get started on your next project today with diesel specialty tools.

Have the Bosch genuine part number?

we can help you!

Discover the Marbed tools

preferred by the Bosch Diesel Repair Network

Special Service Tools for 

A, B, BV in-line pumps

Special Service Tools for 

M, MW in-line pumps

Special Service Tools for

P7100, P7800, P8500 in-line pumps

Special Service Tools for 

H in-line pumps

Special Service Tools for 

CP1 common rail pumps

Special Service Tools for 

CP2 common rail pumps

Special Service Tools for 

CP3 common rail pumps

Special Service Tools for 

CP4 common rail pumps

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