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1. Magnetic FilteR • Two fil T ering s T ages • a luminium design • e asy main T enance www.marbed.com Magnetic Filter C od. 8230 im P ro V ing diesel fuel cleanliness Thread M (22x1,5)

2. magnetic filter im P ro V ing diesel fuel cleanliness www.marbed.com © Copyright 2001-2014, Marbed (Italy). All rights reserved. c R system requires the highest fuel cleanliness Design Two filtering stages e asy maintenance During tests and engine running d iesel fuel cleanliness is very important, modern fuel injection systems and electronic unit injectors operate at very high pres - sures and the components have very fine tolerances. a t these pressures and at high temperatures the injectors can suffer abrasive wear from water and fine particles of dust that may be present in the fuel. c ontaminants in diesel fuel that can cause injector wear are water droplets and particles of dust and dirt. The magnetic filter 8230 retains all metal particulate to ensure peak performance and avoid damages to the injection compo - nents. • The aluminum body is equipped with basic connections m 22x1,5 on both inlet and outlet. • m ax load 930 liters / hour. • The lower bowl is made of transparent plastic material resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. • Visual inspection evidences the presence of water in the fuel circuit. a n easy operating plug assures the quick drain. • 10 μm filtration grade stainless cartridge. • w ide magnetic surface to retain smaller metallic particulate. • r egular inspection and periodic cleaning (at least once for year) are recommended. • f or servicing, unscrew the transparent bowl from the body. • c lean the magnetic part by compressed air. • c lean the inox steel filter cartridge with gasoline or solvents. 8230 is suitable for preventing the most serious problems for wear of the high-pressure components, during tests of pump and injectors on test benches of any model and brand. n ot only: the deposit of residuals generated by the normal wear of the common rail pump is a potential risk to contami - nate the fuel system. 8230 is also recommended to use directly on the vehicle to prevent the detachment of the tank. Optional fittings w hen ordering, complete your configuration with the following fittings: Distribuited by:


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