kit of 16 inserters
Kit 16 pieces connectors
Similar to Cav Lucas Delphi Hartridge YDT138
anti-backlash coupling
ISO 4008/1 anti-backlash coupling diam.115 - m12 holes
Wrench socket
N12 wrench socket for the valve retaining screw on Bosch CRIN 3 injectors, 1/2" drive.
Similar to 0 986 613 631
Wrench socket
N10 wrench socket for the valve retaining screw on Bosch CRIN 3 injectors, 1/2" drive.
Similar to 0 986 613 632
Wrench for mass-holder
Wrench for mass-holder nut size A/B/BV with pressure guide for auto-centering RQV… B…A governor
Wrench for the injection valve of VP pumps
Wires kit
Piano wire packet in three sizes for nozzle holes 0,20 - 0,30 - 0,50
Swivel vice for Common-rail pumps
Vertical swivel vice
Swivel vice for operative flanges of PES…A,VE,VA pumps etc.
Vacuum pen
Vacum pick and place pen tool reccomended for the handling of the ball on common rail injectors. It includes 2 anti-magnetic adapters
Universal measurement device for the advance piston travel on several rotary diesel pumps
Special interfaces are available as optional, for the following: Bosch VE, Delphi DPC, DPS, DP200, Denso VE.
Universal cradle to host the pump mounting flanges
Technical specifications:
- centering height: 110 mm
- guide 20 mm
Universal comparator support with rocker arm and return spring
Universal bracket with rocker arm and return spring, for holding the comparator during the measuring of the rack travel on inline pumps.
Universal centring flange for common rail pumps, with 4 rings.
The flange 8155-E warrants the centered clamping of the majority of cr pumps (Bosch CP1, CP3, CP4, Delphi, Denso, VDO), on any test bench.
The flange is equipped with 4 rings of reduction to suite the 50, 60, 68, 80 mm hub diameters, as well as CP1K pumps.
The flange requires 9680-A universal cradle or similar.
Universal bracket
Pair of universal flat bracket to install both P and H pumps, simply by placing or removing the thickness of adaptation
Universal basic cambox
Cambox universal base to house camshaftless pumps up to 4 cylinders on the test bench.
The cambox must be configured correctly (mounting plate, thickness - if required -, camshaft, control lever connection, sliding rod), depending on the type of pump to be tested.
Reduction union Female 14 / Male 12