Extractor complete with sleeve and mandrel
Extractor for disassembling the tappet covers (ref. KDEP 1056)
Tappet lifter
Eccentric tappet lifter
Similar to Bosch reference 0 986 611 226, KDEP 2910.
9616 Forcelllino a leva per alza punteria gr.B (rif. KDEP 2896)
Similar to the reference Bosch 0 986 611 120, Bosch 1 682 027 002, KDEP 2896.
9463 Estrattore per mozzi e giunti di trascinamento mm 45 x 1,5
Puller useful for all our conic and toothed motoring couplings 45x1,5
Modular system for testing camshaftless pumps. (2 wooden boxes)
It applies on any test bench for diesel fuel injection pumps.
Combining the Cambox with additional plates and spacers, a complete system is obtained for testing up to 11 types of immersed pumps manufactured by Bosch, Denso and Zexel.
Swivel vice for Common-rail pumps
Set of tools for bearing bushes diam 17
The toolset includes the following:
- centering guide
- introduction spindle
- ejection spindle
- manual reamer
Similar to the reference Bosch 0 686 611 946, KDEP 1170
Supporto entrata nafta adattatore EHAB
Bearing for fuel inlet-EHAB adapter ( BH 0 986 612 653 )
Adjusting wrench
3/32" adjusting wrench - union 14x1,5 ( ref.7244-571)
Standard tappet-press with head for nylon roller PE…B and P BOSCH pumps