Welcome to the official Marbed web-site

Welcome to the official Marbed web-site - Marbed.com

MARBED is leader in professional equipment for diesel fuel injection services, with a more than 80 year experience in the field. We do export all over the world, directly or through ours well organized selection of the best distributors.

We have designed some combinations of tools, which represent the necessary basic equipment for the service of the diesel injection systems.

These kits are packed in prestigious wooden cases, which are very useful to keep the tools after their use.However, any single tool has his own part number, so that it can be bought individually.


8210-T8_Professional tool to accurately relieve the ball lift

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MARBED has joined to the InjectionPower Alliance, in order to share its own technical experience with the other partners and develop new solutions in order to improve and support your daily job.


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Specialized in Diesel Fuel Injection Systems


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